Podcast: HubSpot’s Scott Brinker Discusses Traversing The SaaS Explosion With Efficient Partner Ecosystems

In a quick interview at INBOUND 2018, hosted by HubSpot earlier this September in Boston, Demand Gen Report’s Brian Anderson sat down with Scott Brinker, HubSpot’s VP of Platform Ecosystem. Brinker is also notoriously known for mapping out the martech landscape on the Chief Marketing Technologist blog. During the interview, Brinker shared how he has seen HubSpot’s partner ecosystem grow during his first year at HubSpot. He also discussed how…

Podcast: Affinity Exec Dispels AI Myths, Discusses Benefits To Marketing Success

In an interview with Demand Gen Report's Elise Schoening, Anne Gherini, VP of Marketing and Partnerships at Affinity, discusses the evolution of artificial intelligence. Gherini also breaks down common myths surrounding AI and explains how it can actually help marketers enhance and better manage customer relationships when used correctly. Listen to the full podcast to hear more of Anne's insights:

Podcast: Jay Baer Discusses Content Marketing Challenges, Importance Of Relevant Messaging, Alignment

During Uberflip’s Conex event, Demand Gen Report’s Klaudia Tirico sat down with Jay Baer, President of Convince & Convert, to chat all things content marketing. Baer dished on the top challenges for content marketers today, dived into the absurdity of not aligning sales and marketing under the same department and didn’t hold back when talking about the need for delivering relevant content experiences to buyers. “Every marketer in the world…

TimeTrade CMO Discusses Direct Mail Campaign That Generated $6M In Pipeline

Welcome to my new blog series, "Behind the Marketing," which is inspired by the classic VH1 series, "Behind the Music," but with a B2B marketing twist. Each month, I will spotlight a cool, eye-catching and thought-provoking campaign or project — and the marketers behind them. This week, I spoke with Lauren Mead, CMO of TimeTrade, about the company’s "Selling is a Team Sport" campaign, which used direct mail to accelerate sales conversations and convert target…

Podcast: Exclusive Interview: Drift VP Of Marketing Shares In-Depth Look At New Product Offerings, SiftRock Acquisition

In an exclusive interview with Demand Gen Report’s Andrew Gaffney, Drift’s VP of Marketing, Dave Gerhardt, gave the publication an inside look at the company’s latest product announcements, including its new AI assistants for marketing and sales and a new ad-to-chat solution. Gerhardt also shared more details about their acquisition of SiftRock, an email reply management company, which positions Drift to help manage email replies at scale for B2B businesses…

Top Quotes From Conex: Thought-Provoking Tidbits That Start A Content Marketing Convo

I just returned to New Jersey after spending three days in Toronto with Uberflip and more than 700 content marketers at the company’s annual Conex event. I’m a big fan of the event, because I am a big fan of content marketing, content creation and everything in-between. So, you can understand my excitement to attend every year and learn from some of the brightest minds in the industry. This year,…

Podcast: Environment, Structure & Engagement: Uberflip Exec Shares Key Steps For Disney-Like Content Experiences

In a quick-hitting conversation on the show floor at Conex 2018, taking place in Toronto, Canada August 21-22, Demand Gen Report’s Klaudia Tirico and Randy Frisch, CMO of Uberflip, discuss the three key things that make up a true and effective content experience. They also discuss the challenges limiting marketers’ abilities to create great content experiences, as well as what the “infinite scroll” can do to further enhance how buyers…

#ChannelWeek: Lightening The Channel Marketing Load For Corporate Demand Gen Teams

via GIPHY As companies strive to drive more revenue through channel organizations, corporate demand gen teams may find their to-do lists are growing. During ChannelWeek, a brand new webcast series hosted by Demand Gen Report and our sister publication, Channel Marketer Report, Harbinder Khera, Founder and CEO of Mindmatrix, will discuss how corporate marketers can lighten their load and still implement highly effective channel marketing programs.

Podcast: Taking A TEAM Approach To ABM: Terminus CEO Discusses Growth Of Account-Based Tech At #FlipMyFunnel

In a conversation on the show floor at #FlipMyFunnel in Boston last week, Demand Gen Report’s Brian Anderson sat down with Terminus CEO Eric Spett to discuss the latest updates to the company’s account-based platform and how aims to become a command center for end-to-end account-based strategies. Other topics covered include the current competitive landscape for account-based marketing and sales technologies as well as how the partner landscape will evolve…

ChannelWeek Is Almost Here — Now’s The Time To Earn Your Partner Marketing Stripes

Considering the news reports about investments companies are making in their indirect sales programs, the timing of ChannelWeek, a week-long webinar series providing insights on proven best practices in channel marketing and the tools and technologies that enable them, couldn’t be better. Demand Gen Report (DGR) and our sister publication, Channel Marketer Report (CMR), created ChannelWeek — The Indirect Imperative: An Inside Look At Why & How B2B Brands Are Mastering…

The One Thing You Need To Double Your Funnel

While account-based marketing (ABM) has proven to deliver higher ROI than other types of marketing, if you use ABM by itself, you’re missing out on potential revenues. That’s because marketers also need inbound demand gen tactics to supplement and support ABM. In fact, 90% of the market is running either demand generation, or a mix of both demand gen and account-based marketing (ABM).

5 Ways #B2BMX Will Look At Marketing Through A New Lens

via GIPHY To be successful in today's B2B marketplace, companies must make innovative decisions throughout their organization to stay above the competition. This not only includes product or service innovation, but also innovation in how marketing and sales teams engage potential customers to offer genuine, seamless buying experiences.

ABM Workout Plan: A Crawl, Walk, Run Approach To Obtaining Buyer Data

Most marketers don’t automatically think of data and analytics when it comes to ABM. However, industry experts agree that ABM is a data and analytics challenge because you have to leverage data and analytics to understand who you’re going to target, what you’re going to say to them and how you’re going to drive action throughout the company based on the accounts that matter most to you.

TechTarget Reveals Story Behind Its Active Demand Report Campaign

Welcome to my new blog series, "Behind the Marketing," which is inspired by the classic VH1 series, "Behind the Music," but with a B2B marketing twist. Each month, I will spotlight a cool, eye-catching and thought-provoking campaign or project — and the marketers behind them. This week, I caught up with John Steinert, Chief Marketing Officer at TechTarget, to get a glimpse into the company’s Active Demand Report campaign. Sal LoSauro: What was the inspiration for this campaign?…
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