Facebook’s Paul Peterman Discusses Importance Of A Mobile-First B2B Strategy

Having a mobile-first mindset is no longer just a strategy for B2C marketers, as a new generation of digitally savvy B2B buyers engages with content on their mobile devices. During this year’s B2B Marketing Exchange, Paul Peterman will present a session titled B2P: The Rise of Business To People, where he will share insights around business decision makers’ mobile and media consumption behavior. The session will also share case studies…

MOCCA President Jocelyn King Previews #B2BMX Panel With Top Marketing Ops Execs

With reporting, insights and data emerging as critical competitive elements of B2B marketing strategy, the marketing operations role has increasingly been in the spotlight. During this year’s Demand Gen Summit at the B2B Marketing Exchange, Jocelyn King will lead a panel of top marketing operations executives to explore key priorities and best practices for the role.

5 Content Repurposing Hacks You Haven’t Heard Before

With 2018 in full effect, I’d hate to see killer content from 2017 and earlier get lost or forgotten. I’m a big believer in the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” model, so naturally, content repurposing is a big deal to me. Why create a completely new piece of content about a topic when you already have content that could be tweaked for relevancy? And why should you work…

3 Reasons Why B2BMX Is Worth The Trip To Arizona

B2B marketers have plenty of events to choose from throughout the year. Everywhere you look, it seems there is a new one popping up and someone is trying to convince you to attend or your organization to sponsor it. But not all events are created equal. Especially when it comes to the quality of content and the value of sponsorship. Some just reign supreme over others.

30 Minutes With G2 Crowd’s New CMO Ryan Bonnici — Exclusive Q&A

Software and service reviews provider G2 Crowd ended 2017 with a bang. Hot off a $30 million funding round, the company tapped former HubSpot Senior Director of Global Marketing Ryan Bonicci as its new CMO. In his new role, Bonicci will be responsible for growing the G2 Crowd brand. On his fourth day on the job, I had a chance to chat with him about how he visualizes the growth…

Exclusive Q&A: Influitive’s Mark Organ Emphasizes Potential Of Advocate Marketing

I recently attended Advocamp, the annual gathering of companies who are either starting or advancing their journey to develop and mobilize advocates. The event, which is coordinated by solution provider Influitive, drew approximately 1,000 attendees and featured an interesting mix of case studies showcasing how companies are using advocacy programs to drive content marketing, support ABM programs and reinforce customer success.

3 Tips To Refine Your Database Strategy In 2018 And Beyond

You often hear the phrase “Content is King” in the B2B marketplace, but everyone knows that content — and almost every other aspect of engaging with prospective customers — is fueled by the data and insights you have in your database. We recently conducted our 2nd annual Database Strategies & Contact Acquisition Survey and learned that a desire for more advanced marketing and sales tactics is driving the ongoing need…

B2B Innovator Spotlight: Susan Wall, Oracle + Bronto

How do you spearhead the implementation of a shared revenue model and align sales and marketing during an acquisition (or two)? Just ask Susan Wall, VP of Marketing for Oracle + Bronto, who pulled it off when Bronto was first acquired by NetSuite and then when NetSuite was acquired by Oracle.

What’s Holding Back B2B Earned Media Efforts?

B2B marketers are looking for new ways to drive demand, increase brand awareness and bring more prospective customers into the pipeline. Paid, earned and owned media channel strategies have been practiced for some time, but earned media is growing more and more appealing as the price of paid efforts increases.

The Content Countdown: Factors & Formats That Decide Whether Content Will Be A Hit On The Conversion Charts

Many of you remember cassettes, compact discs and maybe even 8-tracks when you think back to the different music formats you’ve listened to over the years. Well, just as music formats have changed with the times, so have content formats. In one of this week’s Strategy & Planning Series sessions, our sister division Content4Demand is presenting a webcast on Content Marketing Hit-Makers: Audience-Centric Formats You Need to Add to Your…

B2B Innovator Spotlight: Güçlü Ozsayin, Samsung Electronics France

As Head of CRM & Digital — B2B at Samsung Electronics France, Güçlü Ozsayin built and executed a digital demand generation strategy and continuously collaborates with key stakeholders, and content and technology providers to oversee the implementation of automated lead generation and nurturing campaigns that align with business goals.

Exclusive Q&A: Marketing In The Age Of AI

Marketers, brace yourselves: machines are coming to take over your jobs. But fear not! A new book from authors Nancy A. Shenker and Jim D’Arcangelo — titled: Embrace The Machine: 111 Ways AI Will Change Your Marketing Job — aims to prepare modern marketers to accept AI, learn about it and embrace the change so both humans and machines can coexist in business.
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