Meet The Winners Of The 2022 Killer Content Awards

Published: March 16, 2022

In the modern world of content overload, it’s essential that marketing teams generate unique campaigns to stand out and appeal to buyers. As organizations shed the “B2B is boring” stereotype, they’re turning to out-of-the-box campaigns to engage prospects: Enter Demand Gen Report’s Killer Content Awards (KCAs).

Since 2012, the KCAs have spotlighted B2B brands that are pushing creative limits and embracing new storytelling methods, formats and campaign strategies to better engage audiences through their content. This year’s awards honored 32 winners across 17 categories during an exclusive cocktail reception at the 2022 B2B Marketing Exchange in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Garnering approximately 115 nominations, the Demand Gen Report editorial and executive team worked diligently to select their list of finalists, which include established brands such as ADP and disruptive tech companies like Qualified.

In addition to the 17 categories, Demand Gen Report added the B2B’s Choice Award in 2019 to give the community a chance to vote on their favorite campaign out of a selection of a handful of finalists. We received more than 2,300 votes and this year’s finalists included:

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  • Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions
  • SmartBug Media
  • Adobe
  • Identiv
  • Adduco Communications
  • Demandbase
  • Wistia

The winner, with more than 450 unique votes, was Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions for its video series that highlighted use cases of Toshiba’s POS placed in plausible, but extreme, circumstances for retailers to show how the solution works in different scenarios.

The complete list of winners includes:

Video Content:
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

Social Amplification:
Thermo Fischer Scientific

Multi-touch Campaign:
Intelligent Demand

Packaged/Bundled Content:

Channel Partner Marketing:
Purechannels Ltd.
Pure Storage

Design Concept/Theme:
Unity Technologies
SmartBug Media

Short-Form Content:

Interactive Content:
The Pedowitz Group

Audio Content:
Mission Produce, Inc.

Account-Based Marketing Campaign:
Panasonic Logiscend

Research-Based Content:

Buyer-Focused Content:

Influencer Campaign:
Digital Pi, A Merkle Company
Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience

Sales Enablement Content:
Tata Consultancy Services
Yeager Marketing – Dell Technologies CSG

Partner Program:

Nurture Campaign:
Shell Aviation

B2B’s Choice Award:
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

All the winners will be spotlighted in Demand Gen Report’s Killer Content Awards Report, publishing at the end of April.

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