Fujitsu Grows ROI 360% With Employee Advocacy

Published: August 2, 2018

Fujitsu wanted to roll out a formal employee advocacy program that would make it easy for employees to find and share content. The company turned to Oktopost, a social engagement platform, to streamline its employee advocacy efforts and track engagement.

The Challenge

According to Andrew Richardson, Head of Digital Marketing, Fujitsu did not have a content hub where employees could easily access and share content. Instead, employees had to search across multiple channels including the website, blog and social media accounts to discover new content.

This made employee advocacy difficult and time consuming. As a result, few employees were sharing content with their social networks. Even with the ones who were sharing content, Fujitsu had no way of measuring their impact on marketing and sales.

“We believe our corporate social media channels can only do so much,” said Richardson. “People have conversations with individuals, not with brands, and it’s our people who need to build connections with our customers. As such, we wanted to find a way to get our people to be more active on social media and to act as advocates for our brand.”

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The Solution

Fujitsu needed a platform with a central location that the marketing team could upload content to and employees could then search through and share content with their own networks. It was crucial that the platform also had the capability to track engagement metrics and ROI.

After a trial run, Fujitsu chose Oktopost to revamp its employee advocacy efforts. The platform includes an Advocacy Board where marketing can upload blogs, white papers, videos and other content. Employees can then search through the Advocacy Board by network, topic or vertical and share content to their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles with just one click. Posts can also be scheduled for the future.

The Advocacy Board can be accessed via a desktop or mobile app, so employees can share content at work or on the go. In addition to its ease of use, Richardson said Fujitsu was impressed by the platform’s in-depth analytics. Oktopost is positioned to measure performance by networks, messages or campaigns and provide insight into clicks, likes, retweets and potential impressions.

The Results

Using Oktopost, Fujitsu was able to turn more than 700 employees across eight countries into active advocates. Within six months, the company found that its employees had shared more than 23,000 posts. As a result, Fujitsu’s social reach grew by 70% and the employee advocacy program proved to generate 3.6X greater ROI than paid social.

“[It] helps build people’s confidence in talking about Fujitsu on their social media profiles, so they start to gradually post more than just the content provided here,” said Richardson. “I think it also helps them see how much Fujitsu is actually doing and makes them proud to work for us.”

“Fujitsu’s global employee advocacy program is the epitome of how B2B marketing should be done in 2018,” said Daniel Kushner, CEO of Oktopost. “It doesn’t matter how great your content is, or how many connections your brand has, there’s nothing more powerful than having employees amplify your brand story with their professional networks. Above all, it’s those human connections that B2B buyers value and trust most.” 

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