Customer Experience In The Millennial Age

Mark AboudSince the introduction of SPIN selling in the early ‘80s, the world of B2B customer engagement has seen steady innovation. Telephone cold calling, voicemail and emails became vital tools used to let prospects know you wanted to talk to them. When you did get a positive response, face-to-face meetings for problem discovery and PowerPoint presentations to drive the impact of your solution home became the standard. B2B selling was ruled by the conventional wisdom of seasoned sales executives who had control of the information. Through vast experience and advanced training in strategic and positional selling, they knew exactly how to win. It was a seller’s market and a game of inches.

Zoho Adds Document Library And Location Awareness To Zoho CRM

Zoho logoZoho has released a new version of the company's flagship CRM suite, including upgrades designed to simplify managing sales collateral and identifying leads based on a salesperson's current location.

The new Document Library module in Zoho CRM enables users to centrally store, manage and collaborate on content. Users can upload and create files in multiple format and email proposals and other collateral directly from the Document Library.

Eloqua Adds Chatter Social Collaboration To Its Marketing Automation Platform

today announced that it will integrate Chatter, an enterprise social networking and collaboration tool, with its own marketing automation software. The new offering, dubbed Chatter inside Eloqua, is designed primarily to encourage communication and collaboration between corporate sales and marketing teams.

According to Eloqua, the new integrated offering will be available to Eloqua users during Q4 of 2012.

The Chatter inside Eloqua offering is designed to assist companies working to align and integrate their sales and marketing functions. According to a January 2011 Forrester Research, Inc. report, B2B Sales and Marketing Alignment Starts With The Customer by Jeff Ernst, "A Forrester survey of marketing and sales leaders at 66 B2B companies shows that only 8% of respondents claim that they have tight alignment between sales and marketing."

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