Forward-Thinking B2B Marketers Partner With Influencers To Create Cross-Channel, Long-Term Campaigns

Risk aversion is becoming a top motivator for B2B buyers. Research shows 78% of buyers are dedicating more time to researching solutions and are increasingly turning to peers and thought leaders for relevant insights. Demand Gen Report’s 2018 B2B Buyers Survey demonstrates the growing influence of third-party sources and outside opinions on the buyer journey. According to the report:

Secure Identity Management With Okta

Okta placeitOkta is an integrated identity management and mobility management service designed to offer single sign-on for marketing automation, social media, content management and other marketing platforms.


The solution positions users to securely store user profiles, manage passwords and organize users into groups based in a universal directory. This intends to give users single sign-on access to all of the applications they leverage throughout the day.

The solution is also designed for multiple platforms — including mobile devices. This can offer employees a bring-your-own-device option while protecting company information.


Okta is fully integrated with solutions such as Salesforce, Eloqua, DocuSign, Dropbox, SurveyMonkey and LinkedIn.


The Okta platform is free for up to three apps and 100 users. Contact Okta for a quote.

Competitive Positioning

The solution offers external sign-on protection for users of cloud-based services, providing the same level of protection to user information that the company applies to its internal data resources.

Okta is also positioned to offer quick on-boarding capabilities for new hires — automating the profile creation process and providing new employees access to the apps and tools they need.

The solution also offers API capabilities designed to help users offer a branded experience with the enhanced data security of Okta.

Contact Information

301 Brannan Street, 1st Floor
San Francisco, CA 94107
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