Sales & Marketing Alignment: From Vague Measurement To Real Results

Justin Gray2If you read an article that claimed a majority of business leaders believed that their sales and marketing teams are aligned, how would you react? Would you laugh at the outrageous optimism? Would you nod in agreement because, clearly, your team is among the aligned? Either way, there’s a bigger problem at hand: An undeniable lack of alignment around the meaning of sales and marketing alignment itself. This makes self-assessments essentially worthless. My team and I have gotten so damn tired of hearing about alignment but seeing no proof of its existence and no unity around its definition.

B2B Ops Roles Expand Into Customer Experience Enablers To Streamline Revenue Engines

As operation teams’ responsibility in fueling the revenue engine continues to gain momentum within B2B organizations, individuals working in Marketing and Sales Ops will be tasked to grow their skillset beyond the tech focus. These newly developed skillsets will position teams to identify specifically how their company is driving revenue, as well as determine what needs to change to drive success.

Why Your Marketing Team Is Still Missing The Mark On Sales Enablement

1justingreycroppedSales enablement is just a term du jour for “hooking your sales team up with tools to continually crush it.” I hate the term “crush it,” just because it makes it sound so easy and flippant. As buyers have become savvier and marketing and sales teams have become less splintered, it’s a concept that’s being re-evaluated and applied to the entire lifecycle of a buyer. This is completely changing the sales landscape, and as a result, the required skillsets.

Dreamforce 2013: Justin Gray, CEO, LeadMD


Justin Gray, CEO, LeadMD

Justin Gray, CEO of LeadMD, provides his perspective on the new marketing cloud presence at Dreamforce this year, while also sharing insight on what customers are looking for from marketing companies and how these needs are spreading into all types of verticals.

  • Published in DGR TV

LeadMD Rolls Out New Learning Platform Focused On Marketing ROI

leadmd-logoLeadMD announced a new online learning platform centered on marketing and marketing automation education for professionals. Navigate by LeadMD aims to help professionals make the most of their marketing investments by featuring thought leadership, tutorials, online classes and other learning resources, according to company officials.

"So often companies make a big investment in marketing tools, then don't have the time or resources to really get the full return on their spend,” said Justin Gray, LeadMD's CEO.“Instead of an out-of-the-box training option that gives an overview rather than a precise approach, the Navigate platform lets users choose the learning that they need specifically to fix a problem or understand a marketing function."

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