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Brainshark & TopOPPS Partner To Help Streamline The Sales Cycle

Brainshark & TopOPPS Partner To Help Streamline The Sales Cycle Source:

Brainshark, Inc., a data-driven sales readiness platform vendor, and TopOPPS, a provider of AI-based sales pipeline management and forecast predictability solutions, have formed a strategic partnership to offer integrated platforms for sales management.

TopOPPS’ offering is intended to provide insight into sales pipeline and forecast metrics, enabling sales leaders to better identify deficiencies before they impact revenue. Combining TopOPPS with Brainshark’s solutions for sales training, coaching and content, the integrated solution is designed to track sales rep activities throughout the entire sales process to pinpoint and address skill gaps earlier by prescribing relevant learning content.

According to representatives of both companies, the integrated platforms are designed to make it easier and faster for sales reps to access the most relevant learning content at points of maximum impact. For sales managers and leaders, the partnership aims to take the guesswork out of analyzing rep performance and understanding which training is most effective to drive improved performance. 

“Many sales organizations try to do pipeline analysis through their CRM systems — but these systems are simply data repositories that provide no actionable insights for sales leaders,” said Jim Eberlin, CEO of TopOPPS, in a statement. 

Greg Flynn, CEO of Brainshark, added: “The combination of TopOPPS and Brainshark allows companies to get ahead of any potential roadblocks to revenue production by continuously marrying sales training with pipeline activities throughout the sales cycle.”