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Marketing Experts Convene For ‘The Great Marketing Conversation Part 2’ Web Event Today

Back in January, four marketing thought leaders assembled as part of The Great Marketing Conversation. The panel included:

Ardath Albee – CEO, Marketing Interactions and Author of eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale (@ardath421)

Mike Volpe – Chief Marketing Officer, HubSpot (@mvolpe)

Robert Rose – Author and Strategist-In-Residence, Content Marketing Institute (@Robert_Rose)

Marcus Sheridan – Speaker and blogger, The Sales Lion


During the event, the participants discussed how marketers can get caught up in focusing on channels and tactics while losing sight of or never developing a cohesive cross-channel marketing strategy. The panel also focused on how a clear understanding of each buyer should guide marketing programs.

Today at 1:00 PM EDT, The Great Marketing Conversation Part 2 will reunite the panel to further the discussion and answer audience questions. During the free web event, the panel will discuss:

• The importance of developing buyer personas to guide marketing strategy;

• Aligning marketing content to the buying process;

• Maximizing return on content investment;

• Balancing educational and promotional content; and

• Creating vision for thought leadership programs within an organization.

The Great Marketing Conversation Part 2 is a one-hour web event sponsored by ProgelGrowth and DemandGen Report. Candyce Edelen, CEO of PropelGrowth will moderate, focusing the discussion around how marketing strategy can help drive revenue.

Click here to register for The Great Marketing Conversation Part 2