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Sendoso Partners With Cameo To Offer Personalized Celebrity Messages For B2B Marketers

Sendoso, a gifting platform, has announced a partnership with video-sharing website Cameo to allow users to create personalized video messages starring their prospects’ favorite celebrities.

The partnership allows users to create videos via Cameo’s platform for their campaigns, helping marketers increase buyer engagement and reinvent digital buyer experiences at scale by sending messages that appeal to prospects’ celebrity interests.

“It has become harder than ever to cut through the digital clutter and make a real impact on customers,” said Kris Rudeegraap, CEO and Founder of Sendoso, in a statement. “By teaming up with Cameo, we’re enabling our customers to deliver memorable experiences that deliver maximum ROI across marketing, sales and CX. Those teams are empowered to close out 2020 successfully with this novel approach, where they can send prospects or customers personal messages from their favorite celebrities. It’s unique, creative, fresh and helps you to stand out from your competition.”

Along with the announcement of the partnership, Sendoso released new features designed to personalize the buyer experience, including:

  • Sendoso Experiences, which enables senders to deliver at-home experiences such as cooking, cocktail making and dance classes;
  • A Meeting Scheduler that allows senders to book meetings with prospects in exchange for personalized eGifts;
  • ABM integrations that help users measure and leverage account data from 6sense, Terminus, Bombora and more;
  • An approval step for automated sending triggers designed to give senders more control over their sending process and messaging; and
  • Address Confirmation enhancements designed to help improve confirmation rates and adjust expiration criteria with automatic reminder emails.