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It’s Time To Get Emotional About B2B Marketing: Insights On Brand From Tom Stein

1tomsteinAnyone who watched the Superbowl ads saw a lot of raw emotion on display. B2B marketing is missing some of that passion, but it really doesn’t have to be bland.

Demand Gen Report recently sat down with Tom Stein, Chairman and Chief Client Officer of B2B branding agency Stein IAS, about how to bring some of that consumer sizzle to B2B branding. In this Q&A, Stein discussed the need for more brand messaging and storytelling in B2B marketing.

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Lattice Engines Partners With Stein IAS, Expands Predictive Offerings To UK

Lattice scoring imageLattice Engines announced its partnership with Stein IAS, a global B2B marketing agency. The partnership is designed to offer predictive analytics services to Stein IAS clients and position Lattice Engines to expand its global offerings to the UK.

The partnership intends to provide Stein IAS clients with predictive insights that can enhance targeting capabilities and boost brand messaging to prospective buyers.

"With our broad spectrum of buying signals, marketing and sales teams can gather more accurate insights and achieve greater success in converting potential customers," said Michael Meinhardt, VP of Business Development and Strategic Alliances at Lattice.

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