Act-On Marketing Service


Solution Snapshot:

The Act-On Marketing Service is a complete B2B marketing automation service designed for SMB, and used by companies of all sizes.

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Act-On brings together all the tools needed by B2B marketers, such as e-mail marketing, forms and landing pages, website visitor tracking, social media prospecting, behavioral segmentation and prospect scoring.

Advanced but easy to use automation capabilities can be used to drive drip campaigns, webinar programs and two-way data synchronization with CRM systems. If you use both and WebEx, you will appreciate seeing your WebEx attendance information flow back automatically into your Salesforce campaigns.

With an extremely easy-to-use interface and a zero setup database that automatically consolidates, profiles and segments all your marketing data, the Act-On platform lets you focus on the big picture without getting caught up in the technical details of HTML, CSS and database management.

DGR_Screenshot_1Targeted Users:

Act-On targets small and medium B2B companies, many of which lack the budget, resources and the technical aptitude to use traditional high-end marketing automation systems. Companies using webinars in their marketing process find the solution especially compelling. Job titles: Marketing Manager / Director / VP, CMO or even CEO, depending on company size.


Act-On is the only marketing automation service that integrates seamlessly with both and WebEx. It integrates with most other CRM & ERP systems via CSV and Excel import/export. Act-On also offers a comprehensive Web Services API that allows technically savvy clients to integrate deeply at any desired level.

Delivery/Pricing Models:

Act-On is a pure SaaS solution that requires no installation or IT support. Pricing, which is based on the number of people you market to every month (and not on the size of your entire database), starts at $500/month for an Enterprise Edition account. Contracts are month-to-month, and there are no setup or termination fees.

Current Clients/Users:

Act-On’s customers range all the way from small startups to well-known companies such as, Progressive Insurance, Cisco, Liberty Tax Service and ADP to name just a few.

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Competitive Positioning:

Act-On brings the full power of Fortune 500 enterprise class marketing automation to the SMB market. This is a service for the non-technical user that is nevertheless powerful enough to handle complex requirements. It is offered at a price point that works for SMB budgets, without the burden of long-term contracts. Last but not least, Act-On is the only service that integrates seamless with both and WebEx.

Contact Info:

Phone:    (877) 530-1555
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