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Zuant Releases Bot-Enabled Data Regulation Compliance Solution

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Zuant Vault is a cloud-based data management solution designed to control both on- and offline mobile data to help B2B companies comply with stringent regulations, such as GDPR. 


The solution is positioned as a secure datastore that lives in the cloud. With Zuant Vault, each account is given its own database in the vault and each database houses the history of every change made to every contact. The solution is also designed to create a smooth, one-time-only opt-in process, whereby customer consent is automatically transferred to all devices when captured.

Additional features include:

  • Automatic deduping: duplicated contacts are immediately merged upon being uploaded to Zuant Vault;
  • Consent widgets: privacy statement and consent widgets can be added to Zuant forms to more easily capture consent; and
  • Zubots: individual bots are assigned tasks to help manage and maintain data. The bots can be monitored via Zubot Mission Control.


The solution is designed for event managers, digital marketing executives and sales managers, who must ensure good data governance across all their teams.


Cloud connectors are provided in the Zuant Cloud portal for automatic or manual release of leads. A special integration module is available for more complex integrations with any platform. Zuant Vault can also be matched to a company’s internal CRM data storage system to ensure GDPR compliance from the outside in.


A base plan is available for $380/month for up to 20 users. Companies also can purchase ‘My Zuant’ for complete self-service management of the whole system, or use a fully account-managed service by Zuant. More pricing information is available here.


Customers include Verizon, 3M, Pirelli and Thermo Fisher Scientific.


Zuant Vault aims to enable marketing and sales team to precisely manage contact data. The solution is designed to compile a complete history of a company’s interactions with current and prospective customers. With the help of Zubots, users can also handle data access and erasure requests to maintain compliance with data regulations such as GDPR.


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