Insty.Me Debuts Extended Hosting Service With Email Marketing

Published: December 27, 2016

Insty.Me, a web hosting platform, has launched Insty.Pages. The company said this new service will provide businesses with extended hosting with built-in email marketing and lead generation.

Insty.Pages allows companies to manage multiple services on a single platform. Key features of the service include:

  • Customer support, with responses within two hours;
  • Email marketing, including the ability to collect leads, schedule campaigns and collect stats on engagement;
  • Lead capturing with web forms; and
  • The ability to control everything from a single dashboard.

Founded in 2013, Insty.Me is designed to enable companies to create and build websites with ease.

“Insty was built to give [customers] more,” said Nick Jolin, Founder and CEO of Insty.Me, in a statement. “[It’s] not just hosting, but a full one-click website, sign up forms that turn traffic into leads and an email system that lets [users] to keep in touch with customers.”

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