Invoca Introduces New Features To Improve CX; Reveals Five9 Partnership

Published: February 10, 2021

Invoca, a conversation intelligence platform, released a new data visualization dashboard alongside Conversation Review, an interactive call transcript interface, designed to help analyze and automate customer conversations. Invoca also announced a partnership with Five9, a contact center platform, to help revenue teams access valuable conversational intelligence insights.

Invoca’s new dashboard enables customers to visualize and act on real-time data with one clear, flexible view, featuring fully customizable and shareable tile-format report dashboards. Users are positioned to create multiple dashboards for various CX functions, including media performance, sales performance by location and call escalations.

The Conversation Review solution also allows users to:

  • Access full transcripts immediately after calls;
  • View the transcript, call recording and call details in one place; and
  • Easily search transcripts.

Five9’s integration will allow agents to immediately route calls to the best-equipped sales or support agent and inform them of the client’s intent. 

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“The call experience has become increasingly important to brands as they see more customers call with inquiries during the buying journey, but many sales and marketing teams lack visibility into these crucial interactions,” said Nathan Ziv, VP of Product at Invoca, in a statement. “Conversation Review offers revenue teams newfound visibility and the ability to quickly digest this information without listening to every call. It’s a huge time-saver and is conducive to increased collaboration between marketing and sales, especially now that so many people are working remotely.”

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