LinkedIn Launches Dynamic Ads To Deliver Personalized Experiences

Published: September 10, 2018

LinkedIn released Dynamic Ads, a new tool designed to help marketers send personalized ads to better capture the attention of their target audience.

Dynamic Ads are positioned to use public information from a person’s LinkedIn page to automatically customize ad copy. Ads can be tailored to include a prospect’s photo, first name, company, job title and more. Additional features include:

  • Pre-built templates to streamline marketing;
  • Follower Ads designed to grow your company’s following and build a community;
  • Spotlight Ads positioned to highlight a specific product, service or event;
  • Campaign performance analytics; and
  • A/B testing for optimization;

According to a LinkedIn blog post, Dynamic Ads aim to deliver up to 2X the click-through rate compared to traditional display ads. It is expected to be made generally available via the LinkedIn Campaign Manager within the next week.

“As marketers, creating personalized experiences for your audience is more important than ever,” said Ayusman Sarangi, Principal Product Manager of LinkedIn, in the blog post. “[With Dynamic Ads, you can] build your creative and write your ad copy once, and LinkedIn takes care of the rest by automatically personalizing your campaign for each person you target.”

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