MetaRouter Enhances Sync Injector Feature To Help Bridge Gap Between Server-Side Integrations & Anonymous User Data

Published: March 15, 2024

MetaRouter, a provider of server-side tag management, revealed enhancements to its Sync Injector feature, which is designed to enable anonymous and known user tracking via server-side event routing without third-party tags.

But First — What Is Server-Side Tag Management?

Server-side tag management is a new approach to using Google Tag Manager that:

  • Takes tag execution off the user’s browser, which can lead to faster page load times;
  • Allows for better control over user data and enables users to remove any sensitive information before sending it to third-party tools; and
  • Gives marketers more control over how tags fire and what data gets sent.

Sync Injector & Its Capabilities

Sync Injector was created to dynamically build a graph of identity data (ID) — synced across vendors — to help companies maintain attribution for advertising and control when, where and how often partners are able to sync identities to the page. Reported benefits include:

  • Limiting client-side interactions with third parties;
  • Attaching an ID graph to every tracking event;
  • Better measurement accuracy and functional parity; and
  • Improved data consistency across vendors such as Google and Meta, even for anonymous users.

“MetaRouter’s Sync Injector represents a paradigm shift in server-side tag management,” said Greg Brunk, Head of Product at MetaRouter, in a statement. “By unlocking the value of anonymous user data, we empower businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their entire customer base, optimize marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions with greater confidence, all without dependencies on third-party tags. As a platform that gives enterprises total control of their customer data and future-proofing their collection and integration efforts, we are always studying and adapting to evolving browser trends, public regulations and new identity frameworks.”

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