New Survey Shows Growing Influence Of Content On Demand Generation

Published: August 29, 2011

Respondents also showed growing confidence in content as a top wish-list item as they begin to craft their 2012 budgets, as 65% indicated they would likely increase spending on content next year, followed by 29% planning to up their investment in search, and 25% in events, respectively.

One in four respondents said they are currently considering the role of content in win/loss analysis, while 27% said they are planning to include this analysis over the next 12 to 24 months.

“Marketing automation users have the sophisticated technology they need to engage buyers in a digital conversation and progress them through their buying cycle,” said Jeff Erramouspe, President of Manticore Technology. “However, in order to be effective, marketers need to develop a content strategy that speaks directly to the needs of the buyer and corresponds with buyer personas and buying phases.”

In addition to poll data, the survey also includes direct interviews with market experts. The paper provides a step-by-step guide on how to create a content strategy that addresses the following areas:

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  • Conducting an audit of existing content, identifying gaps, etc.;
  • Identifying opportunities to repurpose existing material from sales presentation, web content, etc.;
  • Developing buyer personas;
  • Mapping content to buyer needs and stages;
  • Creating assets and offers that align with the lifecycle of a prospect/feed lead nurturing campaigns;
  • Establishing the right content mix;
  • Identifying the types of content which connect with prospects; and
  • How to measure the success of your content campaigns.

Today’s empowered buyers are finding out more information without the help of a salesperson, and BtoB organizations must establish internal processes and strategies to cater to them.

Looking specifically at where an expanded library of content has provided the greatest payback, respondents pointed to sales enablement initiatives (43%); improved results from lead nurturing campaigns (41%); improved results from lead gen offers (37%); increased web traffic (33%); and better insights into buyer behavior (20%).

The white paper is available for download on the Manticore web site here

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