RollWorks Marks Strong 180% Growth In SMB Customers Adopting ABM Platform

Published: September 21, 2020

RollWorks has announced 180% growth of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) adopting their account-based platform. Alongside partnerships with other ABM platforms, the division of NextRoll reported it has seen a 70% year-over-year Q3 growth.

Their ABM platform’s new pricing and packaging is designed to make their platform’s enterprise-level marketing capabilities affordable for organizations of all sizes, helping users increase website traffic and account engagement.

SMBs are also taking advantage of RollWork’s recent partnerships with platforms Hubspot, Marketo, Linkedin, Bombora and Salesforce, using their integrations to scale their ABM programs, create alignment between sales and marketing teams and grow their revenue.

“Taking an account-based approach is arguably even more important for smaller teams and businesses with more limited resources,” said Robin Bordoli, President of RollWorks and CEO of NextRoll, in a statement. “The magic of the RollWorks Account-Based Platform is that you can execute at a scale that’s in direct alignment with your sales team’s goals and resources. We have helped SMBs achieve deeper engagement and faster sales cycles in the accounts that matter most to them.

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RollWorks also released the results of a new survey of B2B marketers, which showed 45% of companies with 500 or fewer employees use ABM while another 12% plan to implement an ABM strategy.

“We expect this SMB growth trend to continue as we give every company—whether they are a 50-person, 500-person, 5,000-person or 50,000-person company— an entry point to the RollWorks Account-Based Platform and the ability to grow with the platform as their ABM requirements grow.”

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