Silverpop Partners With Janrain To Offer Social Sign-In Capabilities To Streamline Web Visits

Published: August 23, 2011

Research shows that companies can achieve a significant increase in registration conversion rates when they provide users with this option. And marketers are able to connect contacts to their social profiles, providing them with valuable information about their site visitors.  ccording to the  2011 Janrain report, Consumer Perceptions of Online Registration and Social Sign-In, three out of four people are too frustrated by online registration processes to create a user account. 

“Carefully integrating social media into a multichannel marketing strategy is crucial for success and Silverpop’s Social Sign In feature takes this integration to a whole new level,” said Bryan Brown, Director of Product Strategy, Silverpop. “We think of initial web site interactions as similar to meeting someone for the first time. The interaction needs to be pleasant and simple and if you feel a connection, you want to be able to get back in touch. By offering Social Sign In, our customers can collect rich user profile data and their site visitors are left feeling like the company is easy to do business with and are more likely to return.”

Social Sign In is designed to allow marketers to gain a better understanding of their customers’ interests and can then use this knowledge to provide incredibly relevant and targeted messaging.  People registering via this option are also likely to be active social media users and can be segmented accordingly. Targeting these recipients with content designed to be shared on social networks can expose marketing messages to an exponentially larger audience, comprised of people who are likely to be more influenced by friends and family than by a direct advertising campaign. 

Social Sign In is the latest in Silverpop’s Social Connect collection of products and features.  The company launched Share-to-Social in 2008designed to give marketers the ability to quickly turn emails into socially-enabled viral messages. Since the launch of Share-to-Social, Silverpop has found that sharing email content via social networks such as Twitter and Facebook can increase reach by 24.3%

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