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Special Report: Best Practices To Boost Database Health

Shadow DGR DG007 FEAT DataHygene Final

Data is at the heart of every marketing activity. Effective segmentation relies on a clean database. A lead nurturing campaign using bad data is pointless. And you might as well forget about accurate campaign reporting unless your data is in order.

While the issue of data hygiene has come to the forefront as of late, there is clearly still some work to be done in terms of database health. According to The State Of Marketing Data, NetProspex’s second annual data benchmark report, 84% of marketing databases are “barely functional.”

This Special Report on Data Hygiene will highlight:

  • Tools for assessing database health
  • Strategies for improving data quality, data completeness and data profiles
  • Tips for maintaining records on an ongoing basis

“As someone in charge of demand generation, the health of my database impacts so much more than things like segmentation and deliverability. Marketing data is my ticket to becoming a strategic employee for the company.” said Lauren Brubaker, Senior Manager, Demand Generation for NetProspex.

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