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BrightEdge Unveils Community Edition

Brightedge logoBrightEdge unveiled a Community Edition of its content marketing platform, including access to Data Cube To-Go, a repository of content from across the web, and Content Optimizer To-Go, a recommendation engine for content optimization.

Community Edition is positioned as a free Google Chrome plug-in to help content marketers insight into the performance of digital content, competitor’s content, and receive performance-enhancing recommendations.

When looking at any piece of web content, marketers can open BrightEdge Community Edition and bring up a simple display with insightful data on how their content is performing. Insights powered by Data Cube To-Go and Content Optimizer To-Go include:

  • Check content performance: Community Edition includes the Data Cube Pulse, BrightEdge’s content performance rating. Data Cube Pulse is calculated for each piece of content to help content marketers understand the likely success of a piece of content at a glance.
  • Explore trends and travel in time: Community Edition will also include the Data Cube Time Machine, enabling marketers to view performance over time to understand what content is successful.
  • Keep an eye on the competition: Marketers can open Community Edition on any web site on the Internet, including those of competitors. By seeing which content and topics competitors’ are finding success with, marketers can gain a deeper understanding of content performance web-wide and can make more informed decisions about their own content strategy. Further competitive insight is provided by Data Cube Pulse and Data Cube Time Machine.
  • Optimize content with proven recommendations: Community Edition includes the BrightEdge Content Optimizer, offering all marketers access to content optimization recommendations.


“BrightEdge is committed to the success of the millions of people around the globe focused on content marketing,” said BrightEdge CEO and Co-Founder Jim Yu. “We are taking our most powerful technology and putting it in the hands of the entire marketing community. Whether you are a BrightEdge customer or not, you will have access to rich data insights to inform strategy and best practices.”