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B2B Marketers Using Video Analytics To Identify, Score And Qualify Leads

vidyard logoIn a recent survey by marketing research firm Demand Metric, more than 70% of marketers reported that video performs better than other content at producing conversions, yet less than 10% are using video to identify, score and qualify their leads. B2B marketers such as Honeywell, Fiberlink, Intralinks and SevOne are among those using Vidyard’s Video Marketing Platform to track and convert their online viewers.

“The innovative organizations that put more stock in their online video presence are being rewarded for their choice,” said Vidyard CEO Michael Litt. “Whether they are using advanced video analytics to make smarter decisions, using video viewing data to better qualify leads, or making videos actionable for viewers, these companies realize there are huge benefits to taking a more strategic approach to video marketing.”

Honeywell Tracks Detailed Performance Data

With an increasing investment in online video to share its stories and attract new audiences, Honeywell’s Fire Systems Group (FSG) turned to Vidyard to help them maximize the impact and returns on each video asset they are producing. Using Vidyard’s video analytics, Honeywell FSG can now track detailed performance data for each video across YouTube, social media channels, and their own web properties ­ all from one central reporting dashboard. And with Vidyard’s integration with Marketo marketing automation, Honeywell can now track the viewing activities of each individual prospect and use those insights to qualify and nurture.

“Video marketing is becoming an increasingly important part of our digital marketing strategy,” said Jayson Kneen, Marketing Communications Manager at Honeywell. “Simply having a presence on YouTube is no longer enough.”

Fiberlink Gains Insights To Buyer Behavior

Fiberlink, an IBM company, is a provider of mobile device management and enterprise mobility solutions. It was acquired by IBM in November 2013. Fiberlink has made significant investments in online video content to differentiate the company in its market and better engage audiences with stories and content journeys. They use video at every stage of the buying cycle to engage, educate, qualify and convert business. Vidyard provides the detailed analytics they need to understand how potential customers are interacting with each video asset, helping them maximize views, engagement and conversion.

“With over 80% of the buying journey now happening online, we are taking great strides to serve every facet of the funnel with optimal video content,” said Rob Patey, Marketing Manager at Fiberlink. “Funny and fast videos to entice, product experts to educate, and then software demos to help buyers vet features will be the mantra of the Web moving forward.”

Intralinks Centralizes Video Performance Management

Intralinks is a leading global technology provider of beyond the firewall collaboration solutions. Over 99% of the Global Fortune 1000 use the Intralinks platform to securely share content and collaborate anytime, anywhere, with business partners. With an increasing investment in video content production, Intralinks turned to Vidyard to centralize video performance management and enhance lead generation programs. Intralinks can now capture detailed analytics about each video asset across third party sites and their own web properties, and use the resulting insights to optimize the length and style of future video assets. Intralinks will also use Vidyard to gauge viewer interest, providing enhanced lead scoring, qualification and nurturing.

“The ability to know who is interested in which videos and for how long is extremely powerful, giving us incredible insight into the intent of each prospect and how well our videos are performing” said Chris Vitti, VP of Digital Marketing at Intralinks.

SevOne Uses Video Analytics To Score Leads

SevOne, a provider of scalable performance monitoring solutions, has already made significant investments in video content and marketing automation, and will rely on Vidyard to enhance the value and impact of both. SevOne will use Vidyard to analyze which prospects are watching which video content, including tracking actual engagement in long ­form webinars to better understand which leads are most engaged.

With new marketing campaigns based solely on video content, SevOne has also revised its marketing automation lead scoring program to account for video viewing actions. With its more sophisticated strategy, SevOne also plans to include a custom call ­to ­action within each video so viewers are encouraged to continue consuming content.

“Our end goal with this strategy is for the viewer to always feel like we have more valuable content to offer them, and to use the resulting engagement data to better score and qualify those viewers,” said Daniel Hellerman, Director of Digital Marketing at SevOne. “Video has become a critical part of our digital strategy, and with the ability to track viewing sessions in our marketing automation platform we can now bridge the gap from producing great content to closing more business and understanding the true ROI of our video assets.”