2023 State Of Account-Based Strategies: Marketers Lean Into Intent Insights, AI & Hyper-Personalization To Deliver Cutting-Edge Campaigns

Two decades have passed since ABM emerged on the B2B scene and revolutionized the way organizations plan, execute and measure their marketing campaigns. First coined by ITSMA in 2003, ABM has grown to become a staple tactic among modern marketers’ toolboxes. In fact, Demand Gen Report’s “2023 ABM Benchmark Survey” found that 67% of marketers rely on ABM strategies today, and among those that haven’t made the switch yet, 81% plan to do so in the next year.

But the bitter truth is that ABM strategies are only as good as the tools, technology and teams they are built on: Haphazard programs that run on outdated data and departmental silos will only deliver subpar results. True ABM success requires a commitment to cross-departmental alignment from the get-go, gathering in-depth insights to fuel multichannel campaigns and continually measuring which strategies are working or not. This report will examine the current state of account-based strategies, including:

  • The top obstacles modern marketing teams are struggling with;
  • The role of hyper-personalization in the quest to engage and convert top accounts;
  • The types of data B2B teams are using to fuel their ABM strategies and the best KPIs for benchmarking success; and
  • How AI could usher in a new age of the ABM evolution.

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