2023 State Of Omnichannel Marketing: Harnessing The Power Of Data & Technology To Optimize Lead & Sales Growth

As businesses increasingly rely on digital marketing and technology to reach their audiences, omnichannel marketing strategies are constantly evolving. With high expectations from leadership teams, marketers are focusing on augmenting their omnichannel marketing strategies to provide cohesive brand experiences across multiple channels. More importantly, organizations are leveraging existing strategies to boost effectiveness and streamline efficiency amid economic uncertainty.

But properly capitalizing on those existing frameworks requires a tight alignment between sales and marketing, alongside a company-wide commitment to data-driven insights. As companies increase their focus on unifying data, targeting and personalization, this special report will utilize firsthand accounts and real-world insights to uncover:

  • The increasingly important role technology is playing in keeping systems and teams aligned around the same set of insights, data and analytics;
  • The tools and strategies needed to analyze and collect data from multiple channels to determine what campaigns are working and what areas need improvement;
  • The necessity of creating a roadmap of audiences, content and cadences to bolster campaign consistency in execution and delivery; and
  • The specific solutions practitioners are turning to refine and enhance their integrated marketing strategies.

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