2023 State Of Sales Enablement: Pumping Up Pipeline Through Relationship-Building & AI Utilization

Modern sales reps are tasked with walking a tightrope between supplying self-service experiences and delivering personalized, perfectly timed outreach. Given B2B buyers’ increasing demands for highly targeted, multichannel experiences, the pressure’s on for sales to provide seamless transitions between each channel while maintaining relevance.

As buyers engage across more channels and demand higher levels of personalization, this special report will cover:

  • The shift toward hybrid selling and what it means for organizations;

  • The growing role of AI and automation to help streamline and automate key tasks so sales can focus on 1:1 prospect interactions;
  • How to increase internal communications and strengthen sales and marketing alignment to track success; and
  • The top strategies of identifying the tools and technologies to alleviate pressure from the sales teams.



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