B2B Marketing Automation Guide: Integration, Campaign Planning & Key Strategies For Getting The Most Out Of Your Automation Tech

Marketing automation is continuing its decades-long reign as a household name for most B2B marketing organizations — research shows that 75% of marketers are currently using at least onetype of marketing automation. However, experts agree that these platforms still aren’t utilized to their fullest potential, even after all these years. Many marketers still consider marketing automation as something you can set and forget, but these systems require constant care to provide value to businesses.

“Marketing automation isn’t just a marketing automation manager pushing a button and automating things,” said Jeff Coveney, CMO at Digital Pi. “That process needs to be put in placeand every time you layer something on, it becomes just all that much more complex.”

This report will provide readers with an overview of the state of marketing automation, top trends from experts in the space, key considerations and best practices needed to succeed, and what to expect from marketing automation in the future. It will also spotlight top-rated marketingautomation platforms, key features/functionality of marketing automation platforms (MAPs) and success stories.

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