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7 Ways Sales Professionals Drive Revenue With Social Selling

Shadow LinkedIn 7 Ways Sales Professionals Drive Revenue-with Social-Selling ebook v19
QUICK TIPS: This E-book also features 7 easy-to-share tips from Koka Sexton, one of the top thought leaders in the selling space and a new member of the LinkedIn Sales Solution marketing team.

Much of the face- to-face networking that traditionally took place at events is now happening online, and introductions are happening via social connections.

This new E-book from Demand Gen Report features best practices directly from executives at LinkedIn and other leading digital brands.

Some of the key takeaways you’ll glean from this E-book:

  • How social solutions can drive more and bigger deals;
  • Tips to take advantage of team buying;
  • Insights to identify the right topics to talk about with prospects; and
  • What reps can do to develop a social selling strategy that will help crush their quota.

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