From Office To WFH: What B2B Needs To Know About CTV Measurement

The marketing mix has shifted, and B2B looks a little different these days: The TV screen is no longer solely a brand awareness play with limited access to data that makes it virtually off-limits to B2B brands. Connected TV (CTV) has enabled them to reach their target audiences with precision targeting and real-time measurement.

The B2B target audience is also doing business differently. Many office workers have traded their pantsuits for sweatsuits and a swivel chair at the office for a few days on the couch at home. Advertisers would be wise to remember that a B2B target audience is probably in front of the TV just as much as anyone else, making it the perfect place to find them.

In this white paper, you’ll discover everything you need to know about CTV measurement, including:

  • How CTV’s digital roots make it fully measurable;
  • How CTV elevates brands and their ad mix; and
  • How to grade CTV on the same rubric as paid search and social.

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