2018 ABM Benchmark Survey Report

Account-based marketing continues to generate buzz, but B2B organizations are quickly looking to move beyond the initial hype around the category and are pressing to show ROI from their targeted programs.

Demand Gen Report's third annual ABM Benchmark Survey revealed most organizations are still in the early stages of ABM — they are starting to see some early growing pains and challenges on executing programs and clearly tracking and demonstrating the impact of their investments.

This report dives deep into the survey findings, including:

  • Top challenges for ABM practitioners, including proving ROI/attribution (40%);
  • A growing emphasis on traditional demand generation, with 45% of respondents noting they prioritize it over ABM efforts;
  • Key technologies companies are planning to use to support their ABM strategy, including video personalization tools (36%) and predictive analytics tools (35%);
  • More investments in targeted content/messaging, such as content tailored to specific industries (64%) and a spike in interest in video content (71%); and
  • How organizations are measuring their ABM efforts, with 61% highlighting contribution to pipeline revenue as a top focus.

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