State Of Audio/Video Marketing: B2B Companies Unleash A New Era Of Storytelling & Business Growth

As the digital landscape expands, B2B marketers are leveraging the power of audio and video (A/V) content to forge deeper connections, cultivate brand loyalty and drive unprecedented growth. In fact, 89% of marketers plan to increase their audio content utilization in the coming year, while 70% consider video the most effective medium for conversions. Embracing the dynamic A/V duo empowers businesses to captivate audiences and achieve remarkable results.

As marketers refine their audio and video strategies to inform and convert buyers, this report will delve into the present landscape of B2B audio and video marketing. Supported by expert testimonials and insightful analysis, our focus will revolve around the following key topics:

  • How AI-powered personalization is elevating the audio and video marketing landscape by tailoring content to individual preferences and needs;
  • How to wield social media platforms, streaming services and video-sharing platforms in tandem to amplify the reach and impact of campaigns;
  • The best strategies to ensure that audio/video content is optimized for search engines and social media, as well as targeted to the right audiences; and
  • The tools and technologies needed to expand or get started with audio and video marketing.


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