2024 State Of Lead Generation: Needs-Based Marketing Takes Center Stage As Marketers Grapple With Growing Privacy Regulations

A marketing strategy that operates on a jerry-rigged lead generation program is akin to a house of cards — it’s not a matter of if it falls apart; it’s a matter of when. After all, the success of both marketing and sales hinges upon the quality of the leads delivered. Yet research from Demand Gen Report (DGR) revealed that 82% of marketers are finding it somewhat or very challenging to generate responses from their lead nurturing programs.

This report will explore current gaps and areas of improvement in lead generation programs, as well as how privacy laws and the demise of third-party cookies are further complicating the process. Topics covered will include:

  • The importance of leveraging multi-channel, high-value content to empower prospective buyers during the purchasing process;
  • A new strategy for identifying top target accounts according to needs-based segmentation; and
  • How first-party intent data can be used to fuel personalized marketing messages while maintaining data privacy compliance.

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