The 2018 Marketing Impact Report

At a “current state” level, this report shows that priorities for SaaS enterprises are clearly focused on proving the impact of marketing campaigns, as 92% of those surveyed said it was a growing priority for their company. However, the efforts to prove that impact are decidedly in development. Some companies still struggle with proving it, as 71% of respondents said their companies had room for improvement in measuring marketing impact.

Respondents also shared how they plan to enhance their marketing measurement efforts in the future to focus beyond the acquisition stage. The research shows that, while 33% of respondents track customer lifetime value, 40% plan to track it in the future. Close to half (46%) plan to track cross-sell opportunities, while 39% plan to track upsell opportunities.

This report will detail the drive for impact and the promise of deeper insights. Among the trends that will be highlighted in this report include:

  • The top drivers for why marketers are looking to better measure and understand marketing impact, including the desire to gain insight into marketing performance by individual channels and help sales gain better conversions;
  • The current challenges hindering marketing’s ability to prove impact, including data silos, organizational challenges and more;
  • The go-to marketing metrics currently analyzed to prove impact, such as volume metrics, pipeline metrics and revenue metrics;
  • How tracking marketing initiatives across the customer lifecycle has become the main priority for teams looking to better understand impact;
  • The other priorities of marketing teams, such as integrating their tech stacks and aligning revenue goals;
  • The internal perception of marketing and its ability to prove impact; and
  • The payoffs of measuring marketing impact.

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