The B2B Conversion Playbook For Digital Teams: 6 User-Driven Insights That Go Beyond Lead Generation

Digital experience refers to the complete online experience of a user, encompassing both the look and feel of a website or product and how easy it is for them to complete their intended goal. Can they quickly understand what your company offers? Can they find the right content while they’re researching their options? Is it engaging and persuasive?

Your brand’s digital experience needs to make an enormous and immediate impact. You can’t rely on your sales team to carry the load to tell an engaging story and get the prospect to feel positively towards your products and company — your website must do this. Your website needs to perform better than your best sales representative and your competition.

Digital experience analytics (DXA) maximizes marketing’s ROI by giving you and your teams the data and insights needed to engage your audience and turn them from passive prospects into engaged customers. Specific topics of discussion include how to:

  • Investigate site performance and optimize the user experience within hours — not weeks;
  • Find, prioritize and fix site errors fast based on their conversion impact;
  • Better understand your user journeys to build seamless experiences that boost conversions;
  • Give hotter leads to your sales teams, grow your pipeline faster and deliver greater ROI;
  • Discover your most profitable content to help guide and inform your digital strategy and better support your buyers’ journeys; and
  • Improve your A/B testing performance by enabling a data-driven mindset.

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