The State Of Martech: Marketers Temper Appetite For Tech With Strategy & Savvy

In the current state of martech, B2B marketers’ enthusiasm for technology seems to have cooled. There is a palpable shift away from adding to the tech stack for the sake of having the latest tech, which has been replaced with a more cautious approach. There is also a trend of a consolidation with vendors.

Marketing technology is not the end of the journey, and it should not be treated that way. Rather, martech is the beginning of a more harmonious relationships between buyers and the sales team and between marketers and their teams. Marketers are at a point where they can implement more thoughtful campaigns in a space where there are so many choices that can overwhelm and slow operations.

This report will uncover the state of marketing technology in B2B, including insights on:

  • Why more technology isn’t always better;
  • How to better integrate your existing systems; and
  • The value of attaching KPIs to ROI numbers.

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