What’s Working In Data Science In 2024? Data Ownership Shifting Hands; Increased Focus On Predictive Analytics

Given the abundance of data available to B2B practitioners, it’s no surprise that organizations need to have data down to a, well, science. As marketers are set to capture more data from prospects and customers than ever before, they can no longer manually sift through spreadsheets to find a relevant datapoint.

With McKinsey research revealing that 85% of B2B marketing executives believe data science will be very or critically important to their success in the next few years, this special report will leverage expert insights to uncover what’s currently working in the world of data science. Specific topics of discussion include:

  • The evolution of data science and how ownership is shifting across organizations;
  • The steps companies are taking to ensure their data collection strategies comply with privacy regulations and concerns;
  • How segmentation is helping practitioners better identify and engage target audiences;
  • The role of predictive analytics and other technologies in propelling data science; and
  • Real-world case studies that emphasize key points throughout.

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