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How To Build An Enterprise Marketing Strategy With B2B Intent Data

For the better part of a decade, data-driven observations of customer behavior have relied heavily on insights derived from first-party data—insight into what actions customers take directly on an organization's website. While this approach has strong pros for increasing account growth or capitalizing on inbound leads, the decision making process in the buyer journey often starts long before a prospect lands on a business' website.

Intent data provides a bird's eye view into accounts most likely to engage with a brand's online presence and equips marketing teams with precise information about target accounts with a possible chance of greater conversion success. It gives rise to a more sustainable approach to email marketing, advertising and demand generation by narrowing marketing's efforts down to a more concentrated pool of qualified prospects.

Interested in learning how intent data can make a splash at your business? Check out this white paper to learn:

  • Three ways marketers can drive revenue growth using intent data;
  • How to combine multiple types of intent data to meet your goals; and
  • How to capture and convert the right audiences with buyer Intent data.

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