Multichannel Marketing Attribution With Automated Machine Learning

The average sale results from more than 30 touchpoints. Standard practice in the industry has been to attribute a sale to the most recent marketing touchpoint, but by creating brand awareness, earlier touchpoints may have had a significant impact on a purchase decision.

Marketers need a fast way to capture and analyze the complexity of human behavior, analyze the impact of a large number of touchpoints, and identify which marketing activities most influence a sale. The answer is automated machine learning.

This report from DataRobot explains the importance of multichannel, multi-touch attribution to accurately measure the success of your marketing efforts and how automated machine learning offers the shortest path to success.

You'll discover:

  • The need for accurate, multichannel attribution in the age of multiple touchpoints;
  • How proper attribution solves common marketing inefficiencies; and
  • How machine learning provides the best way to measure marketing effectiveness.

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