Affinity Seeks To Enhance Zoom With Affinity Meetings

Published: November 29, 2022

Affinity, a relationship intelligence platform, released Affinity Meetings, a new solution designed to deliver relationship intelligence data from Affinity’s CRM directly within Zoom to provide customer and prospect insights during sales meetings. Affinity Meetings seeks to provide dealmakers with the information they need to align with their team on deal progress and save time during and after a meeting.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Affinity Meetings helps provide business leaders with a virtual refresher at the top of each Zoom call, live access to historical meeting agendas and relationship context, including emails and meeting notes.

Who It’s For

This extension is for general partners, associates, managing directors and any business leader that relies on Zoom Meetings to develop deal flow or move deals forward.

What It Solves

Affinity research found that more than 50% of dealmakers prep for meetings in the moments before it begins, leading to time wasted determining what conversations occurred previously, misalignment with colleagues also involved in deals and, ultimately, mistakes that could kill a deal.

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What Makes It Special

The solution’s meeting data integrations provide full interaction history, relationship scores and native note-taking to close the meeting preparation gap and accelerate deal flow.



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