Audyence’s Real-Time Demand Platform Seeks To Improve Demand Gen Practices

Published: April 9, 2024

Audyence, a media buying platform, offers a Real-Time Demand (RTD) platform that’s designed to help improve the performance, efficiency and scalability of demand generation practices.

The Lowdown On The RTD Platform

Audyence claims that RTD is the first programmatic media platform that offers B2B advertisers cost-per-lead inventory at scale and workflow automation fueled by AI and machine learning. It’s designed to streamline the planning, purchasing and management of lead generation campaigns across multiple publishers, and reportedly eliminates platform fees and ensures validated, quality leads by providing control, transparency and robust analytics.

RTD’s Behind-The-Box Details

Through Audyence RTD, agencies and advertisers can leverage the Audyence Data Cloud, which contains 17.5 billion data points, to build and size a target account list in real time. With an audience built and campaign parameters defined, users can then buy cost-per-lead inventory directly from the Audyence Supply-Side Platform. As leads are generated by these publishers, they’re passed to the demand side, undergo a systematic data validation and enrichment process and are made available to demand-side users in the Audyence user interface.

Who RTD Is For

Audyence’s RTD is for agencies and in-house marketing teams.

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What RTD Solves

Audyence seeks to enable B2B marketers to efficiently deploy highly scalable and performant lead generation campaigns while allowing advertisers to gain access to what the company claims is the industry’s largest ecosystem of lead originators that provide cost-per-lead inventory.

What Makes RTD Special

Audyence’s RTD platform is designed to allow advertisers to use deterministic data to holistically plan, purchase, track and optimize cost-per-lead campaigns across all their publisher partners. It seeks to eliminate manually repetitive tasks and improve both speed-to-market and mid-campaign agility.



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