Call Analytics And Automation With DialogTech

Published: March 25, 2015

dialogtech logo rgbThe DialogTech Voice360 platform is a call analytics and automation solution designed to help marketers drive conversations with prospects that enhance revenue opportunities and maximize ROI.


The platform’s call tracking capabilities are intended to help marketers track phone calls back to specific ads, keyword searches, web pages, social media, digital ads, mobile and offline campaigns. This feature also allows users to measure caller activity on the company’s web site, positioning users to identify which content is driving prospects to call.

The solution also offers call management features that are designed to help marketers automate the call routing process so prospective customers speak with a representative that meets their needs. The features also include phone lead scoring, which positions users to automatically score prospective buyers based off of keywords mentioned during a conversation.


DialogTech integrates with multiple CRM, marketing automation, web analytics, and more, including:

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  • Salesforce;
  • Google Analytics;
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud;
  • Zendesk; and
  • HubSpot.


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Competitive Positioning

The platform enables users to host their own Interactive Voice Response system, without the need for IT involvement. These systems can then be used to filter, qualify, route, survey and assist callers to make sure their expectations are met. The features also allow users to measure agent performance, transcribe conversations and receive real-time analytics and reporting — offering more data and insights to your CRM.

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