FullStory Integrates With Qualtrics To Provide Key Insights That Drive Digital Experiences

Published: April 12, 2023

FullStory’s digital experience intelligence platform is designed to help businesses continuously improve their digital customer experience across sites and apps. The platform proactively surfaces actionable insights from billions of data points, helping thousands of companies, including Fortune 100 companies and the world’s most innovative consumer brands, make evidence-based digital improvements that reduce costs and reclaim revenue.

The Lowdown

FullStory’s Embedded Replay for Qualtrics allows cross-functional teams to access robust session replay directly within the Qualtrics XM Platform™ to quickly understand and act on pressing digital experience issues surfaced from direct customer feedback.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The new solution places FullStory’s session replay capabilities directly within the Qualtrics XM Platform™. FullStory’s embedded session replay for Qualtrics is now available for joint clients and can be accessed by any Qualtrics user — with or without a FullStory seat. Cross-functional teams are empowered to perfect the digital customer experience and take decisive actions that drive real business value, all without leaving the Qualtrics XM Platform™.

Teams using FullStory’s embedded session replay for Qualtrics can align experience insights with pixel perfect session details, event stream and console view to discover the “why” behind every “what” and fuel digital experience improvements that increase revenue while making customers satisfied and successful.

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Qualtrics users can view and filter the sessions where a customer shared negative sentiment, left specific feedback or provided any other response data to pair visual evidence to a specific customer journey. Users can also drill down into the unique data points that they care about, and FullStory will automatically update and surface the relevant sessions to provide valuable insights.

Who It’s For

FullStory’s new integration with Qualtrics is designed to bring session replay directly into the Qualtrics workflows that drive digital excellence. It extends FullStory’s digital experience insights to users across sales, marketing and customer support, as well as product, engineering and UX. Key verticals include SaaS, retail, financial services and travel and hospitality.

What It Solves

Digital experience success depends on paying extraordinarily close attention to customers, questioning assumptions and rapidly addressing issues that no one anticipated. FullStory’s embedded session replay for Qualtrics aims to help joint customers easily understand and act on “spoken” and “unspoken” digital signals to make the most impactful improvements and adjust course with confidence.

What Makes It Special

Built on the FullStory DXI platform that auto-captures and auto-indexes all digital behavioral data, FullStory’s session replay embedded within Qualtrics can be set up with an API token and doesn’t require extra steps such as setting up a segment or specifying users. Licensed FullStory users can quickly switch to FullStory and leverage specific session details to create additional segments or easily kick off new analysis.


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