Infer Debuts Behavior Scoring Solution for ABM

Published: September 19, 2016

Building on Infer’s lead behavior and account fit scoring models, the company’s new Account-Based Behavior Scoring allows marketing teams to laser-focus their ABM campaigns on deals that are most likely to close quickly.


Infer’s Account-Based Behavior Scoring can help marketers identify marketing-qualified accounts (MQAs), drive engagement with the right people at the right times, gather faster feedback on ABM programs and measure pipeline acceleration.

The solution brings account engagement insight right into a company’s CRM system, so that go-to-market teams can see which people are showing increased activity. The solution can then pinpoint accounts that are likely to buy a particular product within a set time period. The solution allows marketers to analyze the quality of their ABM campaigns in real time and use the information to test various content, brand assets, channels and initiatives.


Infer’s Account-Based Behavior Scoring’s target users are B2B marketers, sales executives and operations managers who are looking to drive and measure engagement across their ABM programs.

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Infer provides pre-built connectors into Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Pardot and Salesforce.


Account-Based Behavior Scoring is available as an add-on for existing customers who already use Infer’s behavior scoring technology. New customers are able to purchase the solution as part of a bundled Behavior Scoring offering.

All data is hosted by the client’s CRM and Marketing Automation systems. When a change is made to the client’s systems, Infer’s technology automatically reads and updates the behavior scores accordingly.


Companies such as AppDynamics, Druva and PayScale are all using Infer’s Account-Based Behavior Scoring for their ABM programs.


Infer’s use of advanced data science — and deep integrations with both marketing automation platforms and CRM systems — make the solution unique among other ABM solutions.

Rather than manually adding up cumulative points, Infer mines signals from every act of engagement the lead or account has with a company and automatically analyzes timing, activity spikes or declines and key behavior combinations to produce accurate scores. Then, the technology seamlessly matches those leads to accounts in a company’s CRM system to provide the missing piece of ABM.


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