Mailgun Launches InboxReady To Improve Email Deliverability

Published: May 10, 2022

Mailgun by Sinch is an email delivery service company that enables its customers to send, receive and track emails. Mailgun launched its InboxReady by Sinch program, which empowers enterprise marketers to improve email deliverability and optimize campaign performance. InboxReady is built to help marketers maximize the ROI of their email program and see where their emails will land before they send.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The InboxReady platform is designed to equip users with the data they need to identify and correct email deliverability issues through capabilities such as seed testing, email verification and analytics. Additional features and capabilities include:

  • Inbox Placement Testing that allows marketers to see if an email will land in the inbox or in a tab before they send;
  • Email Preview, which enables marketers to test their email across various devices and clients to ensure their email is correct;
  • Email Verification, designed to clean up existing contact lists and can be integrated into website forms or an app sign-up process to verify new users as well as assign risk factors to unengaged emails;
  • Blocklist Monitoring, which tracks IPs across a curated list of blocklist providers to spot and address problems in real-time; and
  • Spam Trap Monitoring that aims to help users understand the quality of their email lists to protect their reputation and profits.

Who It’s For

The solution is for enterprise marketers looking to reach their audience with high-quality, deliverable emails, improve the customer experience and drive revenue.

What It Solves

Email is used daily, however, underneath the accessibility of this technology lies a very complex system for how email is delivered at scale. InboxReady aims to empower users with the data they need to identify and correct email deliverability issues quickly.

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What Makes It Special

InboxReady is built on the same infrastructure that sends more than 300 billion emails every year. InboxReady utilizes this data to:

  • Provide email verifications that are based on real-world delivery results rather than a broken SMTP handshake;
  • Display accurate email previews based on clients and devices that people are using;
  • Monitor spam traps and blocklists that impact the most senders; and
  • Create a better email experience, built by experts who have been in the industry for decades.



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