Mediafly Introduces Value-Added Service, Presentify

Published: November 8, 2022

Mediafly, a revenue enablement and intelligence platform, launched Presentify, a value-added service that seeks to empower revenue teams to deliver results via interactive content, including presentations, animated social media and explainer videos, simulated app/software demos, business value reports and other interactive/self-guided experiences.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Today’s buyers have more content at their fingertips and shorter attention spans, so finding ways to keep them engaged is vital for sales success. Mediafly customers that leveraged Presentify services to create interactive content have seen:

  • 52.6% more buyer engagement than customers using static content; and
  • An average duration of 13 minutes spent with interactive content assets versus only eight and a half minutes with static content assets.

Who It’s For

This service is for revenue teams, including marketing, sales and post-sales. Presentify aims to keep customers engaged, accelerate deal cycles and competitively differentiate users to drive more revenue.

What It Solves

Buyer engagement is essential for sales success. Presentify seeks to empower revenue teams to build sales stories using sophisticated visual communication capabilities and share, present and track buyer engagement with those stories via Mediafly.

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What Makes It Special

With Presentify, revenue teams have animated, interactive and immersive content seeking to engage distracted digital and in-person buyers and drive more leads, conversions and revenue.




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