Account-Based Marketing

This section covers the latest tools, trends and strategies B2B marketers are leveraging to focus marketing and sales efforts on high-value accounts and increase closed deals.

Demandbase Introduces Ecosystem For ABM Tech Integrations

Demandbase has launched the Demandbase ABM Ecosystem, which is designed to expand ABM from single-vendor solutions to include marketing automation, CRM, content management systems, direct mail platforms, analytics engines and more technologies needed to execute an effective ABM strategy.

Campaign Stars Aims To Provide Comprehensive Platform For ABM

Campaign Stars is a human powered, all-in-one ABM platform that aims to help B2B brands build an ABM machine and position overstretched sales and marketing teams to close more deals. The platform includes sales intelligence data, messaging strategy, content and campaign creation capabilities and more.

It’s Time To Stop Treating All Intent Data The Same

Buyer intent data is quickly becoming a must-have dataset for sorting likely-to-convert prospects from those who are less likely, and for influencing marketing budget decisions. Yet as the adoption of this intent data has grown, many senior marketers still talk about intent signals as if they are all the same.…
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