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Content2Conversion Conversations: Test, Target, Learn And Measure Content Performance

B2B C2C 2014 Matt Papertsian SiriusMatt Papertsian, Research Director at SiriusDecisions, believes there is a wealth of untapped data that can help marketers improve content performance. He said it is time to move beyond some of the current initiatives — aligning content, understanding the buyer’s journey, building personas and leveraging campaign framework — to hone in on metrics.

We caught up with Papertsian as he prepared for his presentation at the upcoming B2B Content2Conversion Conference, titled: Developing A Content Architecture.

Marketers Look To Channels, Buying Stages When Measuring Content ROI

shutterstock 154962107Content has become a beneficial marketing tool for companies of all sizes looking to engage buyers, collect valuable behavioral data and educate prospects. While content can be a precious asset if used correctly, many marketers are struggling to understand its impact on the company’s overall revenue.

Although marketers can obtain a large amount of data from buyers’ interactions with content, it is important to focus on performance by channel and stage in the buying cycle, observers explained.

Infographic: Content Marketing Metrics

Content marketing is now a mainstream activity for most B2B firms. Even as they rush to take advantage of content as a demand generation tool, however, these companies often miss an important piece of the puzzle: metrics.

This week's infographic, which comes courtesy of Pardot, looks at the key business objectives associated with content marketing, what marketers measure with their content campaigns, and how to categorize the most commonly used metrics. It's a good starting point for companies that want to take a more strategic approach to their own content marketing activities.

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