Predictive Marketing

This section highlights how B2B marketers are leveraging insights and data to more accurately predict where there next customer will be, as well as using that insight to further enhance marketing and sales initiatives throughout the customer lifecycle.

How AI And Machine Learning Can Make Forecasting Intelligent

Traditionally, CRM solutions have been unreliable for sales forecasting. Companies have dealt with inaccuracies and blamed their bad data. However, things are starting to change thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and predictive analytics. According to Salesforce, only a quarter of companies use predictive analytics. Of those using…

Terminus Unveils New ABM Platform Capabilities For Targeting & Engagement

Terminus has revealed new updates to its ABM platform that aim to help B2B marketers combine more data sources, automate outreach and improve current account-based reporting capabilities. Features include new ad automation, native intent data features and advanced conversion tracking capabilities designed to enhance account targeting and engagement.

3 Points To Consider Before Adopting Algorithmic-Guided Selling

While algorithmic-guided selling is a newer concept and implementation of these types of tools are only just starting to ramp up, a new report from Gartner’s 2019 Market Survey, titled: Current and Emerging Technologies in Sales, shows that the B2B world is ready. In fact, 51% of sales teams have or plan to deploy algorithmic-guided selling within the next five years.
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