Predictive Marketing

This section highlights how B2B marketers are leveraging insights and data to more accurately predict where there next customer will be, as well as using that insight to further enhance marketing and sales initiatives throughout the customer lifecycle.

Marketing Performance Metrics 2.0: B2B Brands Focus On Pipeline Velocity, Activity Across Buying Stages And Campaigns

Marketing performance measurement is an ongoing challenge for many B2B brands. For example, our research shows 87% of B2B companies ranked marketing measurement and reporting as a growing priority, but more than half (58%) said their current ability to track marketing performance “needs improvement” or worse. Progressive companies such as…

Conversica Raises $31M In Series C Funding

Conversica, an AI marketing and sales software provider, secured $31 million in Series C funding, bringing the company’s total amount raised to $87 million. Providence Strategic Growth Capital Partners L.L.C. led the round with additional participation from Toba Capital, Kennet Partners, CIBC Innovation Banking and Savano Capital Partners.
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