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Predictive Marketing

This section highlights how B2B marketers are leveraging insights and data to more accurately predict where there next customer will be, as well as using that insight to further enhance marketing and sales initiatives throughout the customer lifecycle.

G2 Announces New Integrations With 4 ABM Platforms

G2, a business software and serviews reviews platform, expanded its ABM integration stack through partnerships with 6sense, Demandbase, RollWorks and Triblio. The company aims to enable the partners’ shared userbases to adapt to trends in B2B software purchasing and accurately market to accounts actively showing intent.

SurveyMonkey Industry Tracker Monitors B2B Market Shifts To Inform Strategy Planning

The new Industry Tracker solution from SurveyMonkey is designed to directly arm users with proprietary data insights into changing key demographics and market shifts for improved strategic planning and business investments. Back-Of-The-Box Details Industry Tracker enables businesses to track proprietary data and other data sets simultaneously to identify shifting trends…

MRP Prelytix Promotes Pierre Custeau To CTO

MRP Prelytix, a predictive ABM platform, promoted its Senior VP of Product Pierre Custeau to Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Custeau will be responsible for expanding enterprise marketing buyers’ ability to forge meaningful, personalized customer relationships. He will report directly to the company’s new CEO Scott Matthews.
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