3 Things To Keep In Mind For GDPR Email Messaging

Published: May 8, 2018

We’re coming down to the wire for GDPR compliance. I’m sure all our readers are quite familiar with it; especially those who tuned into Demand Gen Report’s livestream podcast about the topic. But judging by the number of emails I’m receiving asking me to re-opt-in to keep receiving their content, B2B marketing teams are starting to feel the pressure to get their current contact database compliant for the new regulations.

Research from Act-On Software shows that one-third (33%) of marketers said they do not understand what GDPR is exactly and have not begun to adjust operations and engagement strategies. The majority (55%) of B2B companies do not believe that the rest of their business understands the impact of GDPR.

The study also showed that there is a 50/50 split between organizations that believe that GDPR will make their marketing better versus those who believe it will make their marketing more difficult.

I’ve seen my inbox fill up more and more with emails from companies sharing their updated terms of service and privacy policies. Some were rather straightforward, and many went overlooked. But the few that caught my eye had the right principles focused on connecting with contacts and getting them to re-opt in. Here are what I think are the three keys to proper re-opt-in messaging, along with a few examples:

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1) Buyer-Centricity Is Key

SAP email

This one is a no-brainer. If you are not already taking a buyer-centric approach to your marketing and sales messaging, you and your team might have a bit more to work on when your re-opt-in campaign is behind you.

When producing email copy, focus the conversation on what your customer/prospect values from the relationship between them and your brand — and what they will miss out on if they do not re-opt-in. This could include your content, sneak peeks into upcoming events or product announcements.

In the above example, SAP focused the messaging around their contacts’ data privacy, informing them about what they can do now with their data based on the regulations. This includes clear CTAs to learn more about their privacy policy, as well as a link to their opt-out process if that is what the recipient desires.

2) Urgency Signifies Importance

agent3 email

With a May 25 deadline, it is important to put a bit of urgency into the messaging to note that this is a critical topic for your audience. However, going overboard with the urgency can lead to ignored emails — it is important to find a healthy balance of buyer-centric messaging and urgency.

Agent3 decided to place some urgency in its email subject line. Once in the email, the messaging was clear, concise and compelling towards what the recipient gains from updating their preferences.

3) Creativity Stands Out

Uberflip email

As with all marketing messaging, it is possible to have a little fun with the content while remaining relevant and engaging to your audience. European data compliance can be fun if you use a little imagination.

Uberflip themed their re-opt-in email around the concept of wedding vows. This was clever in and of itself because it a) highlights the importance of the subject matter, and b) ties it to a personal and relevant topic in today’s society.

Have you received any interesting re-opt-in emails that caught your eye? Leave a note in the comment section below!

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