DGR Podcast: Conversation With Chris Martins Of Trillium Software On The Changing Role Of Data In Today’s Marketing Landscape

In the latest episode of the Demand Gen Report podcast series, we sat down with Chris Martins, Product Marketing Manager at Trillium Software, to discuss the critical role of data in today’s marketing landscape.

A thought leader in the CRM and data space, Martins shares unique insights into the gap between data and actionable intelligence that exists at many companies. Some of the unique points listeners will take away by tuning into the podcast will include:

  • Changing customer expectations and the data realities attached;
  • How marketers and sales teams can read the data to see buying signals; and
  • The need for speed to keep up, in real time, with today’s buyer.

Tune in to learn how Trillium Software is helping B2B marketers build a data strategy that allows them to test, learn and build flexible campaigns by accessing cloud solutions.

Listen Now: